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First floor office suite 4, northey house,
oxney Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YW

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We Supply Protection

Empowering Peace of Mind through Unparalleled Security Solutions

At Vital Guarding FM Security Company, we stand as the vanguard of safety, ensuring your world remains secure, tranquil, and free from worry. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge security services tailored to safeguard what matters most to you

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About Vital Guarding FM

We Will Provide Top Class Protection To Clients

At Vital Guarding FM Security Company, we stand resolute in our commitment to deliver nothing short of top-class protection to our esteemed clients. With an unyielding dedication to security excellence, we go beyond traditional norms, setting new benchmarks in safeguarding what matters most.

Personal Guard

At Vital Guarding FM, your safety is not just a service; it’s our purpose. We understand that your personal security.

Worthy Expert

At Vital Guarding FM seasoned professionals offer extensive expertise for comprehensive security solutions

Top Bodyguard

At Vital Guarding FM, we redefine personal security. Our top-tier bodyguards are meticulously trained, providing an shield

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Our Services

Services We Provide

We offer our security services to a wide range of sectors including construction, office, industrial, retail, schools, colleges and local authorities. We can also provide car park security and security guards for one-off events. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Manned guarding Services

Vital Guarding FM’s Manned Guarding: Your constant security shield. Trained guards, 24/7 protection, unauthorized access prevention, rapid response – your peace of mind, our priority

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Retail Security Services

Retail Security by Vital Guarding FM: Your store’s protection optimized. Trained personnel, theft prevention, and customer safety for a secure shopping environment.

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Event Security Services

Safeguarding your gatherings with expert planning, vigilant monitoring, and swift response for a safe and enjoyable event experience.

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Construction Site Security

Secure perimeters, monitored access, and proactive risk management for safeguarding your construction projects.

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Front of House Security

Vital Guarding FM’s first line of defense. Trained professionals ensuring a secure and welcoming environment for all.

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Surveillance Cameras

Vital Guarding FM: Unblinking watchfulness, enhanced security. Our cutting-edge technology ensures vigilant monitoring

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Experience Security


Managing Guards


Crowd Management

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Why Choose Us

We Are Qualified & Professional

Proven Qualifications and Professionalism. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated, ensuring your security needs are met with expertise and professionalism.

  • Security Consulting
  • Private Security
  • Close Protections
  • Guard House
  • Always Honest
  • 24/7 Constant Support

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Our Partrners

Over 50+ Partners Locations In UK

Our Partners at Vital Guarding FM: Building Strong Alliances. We collaborate with industry leaders to enhance security solutions and deliver comprehensive protection

We Ready 24 Hours For You

Our Protection Is Always There 24 Hours

Available Around the Clock at Vital Guarding FM: 24/7 Readiness for Your Security. Our dedicated team is always prepared to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

+44 7823 783247

How We Works

Make This More Efficient

At Vital Guarding FM, our approach to security is rooted in a commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our clients’ safety. Here’s how we work to ensure your peace of mind


At Vital Guarding FM, our approach to security is rooted in a commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our clients’ safety. Here’s how we work to ensure your peace of mind

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